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SRT Database for Citizens of the Republic

Photography by Matthew Brady, c. 1860-1863

About the Sons of the Republic of Texas
Knights of the Order of San Jacinto
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Historical Dates of the Republic of Texas
Stephen F. Austin's Birthday (November 3)
Battle of Gonzales (October 2)
Texian Navy Day (3rd Sat in Sept)
Texas Ranger Day (August 5)
San Jacinto Day (April 21)
Goliad Massacre (March 27)
Fall of the Alamo (March 6)
Texas Independence Day(March 2)
Observed by The Sons of the Republic of Texas
"Honoring your ancestors, remembering your past"

The MISSION of the SRT shall be to: (1) Encourage research and publication of historical records and documents prior to and during the Republic of Texas; (2) Foster the preservation of historic sites, documents, and artifacts, prior to February 19, 1846; (3) Participate in community activities, which remind the public of its Republic of Texas heritage; and (4) Organize, promote, publicize and commemorate the observance of the following historical dates of the Republic of Texas (see the observed dates/events above).

The PURPOSE of the SRT shall be to: perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved the independence of Texas, set the young Republic upon its high course among the nations of the world, and finally secured its admission as a state of the United States of America.

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